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ChemACX from PerkinElmer is a database of commercially available chemicals from > 765
leading supplier catalogs including Sigma Aldrich, Fisher, Acros, Alfa Aesar and TCI America.

ChemACX is updated monthly, providing rapid ordering information for 12 million unique chemical
substances available as 26 million products.

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  • Enter a Name, CAS Registry Number*, MF or MW.
    Name search appends * (e.g. benzene benzene*).
    Use "=" for exact names (e.g. =benzene).
    Use "*" prefix for substring (e.g. *benzene).
    Enclose MF in Brackets (e.g. [C3H6O]).

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* The CAS Registry Numbers provided in have not been verified by CAS and may be inaccurate.
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  • Application version: 11.0.3
  • Database version: (December Update)
  • Substances: 12,745,752
  • Products: 26,695,602
  • Suppliers: 765
  • New Suppliers: Eximed Laboratory
  • New Feature: ¤ Users are now able to search the Substances by using
    INCHI, INCHIKEY and SMILES strings.
  • ¤ Substances now display the calculated values for properties
    BP, MP, LogP, Exact Mass, Mol_Refractivity and tPSA where able. These
    calculated properties are now searchable.